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PTSD affects millions.

Contrary to popular belief, PTSD isn’t only for service members of the armed forces.


In fact, of the population affected by PTSD, the majority are civilians who have had traumatic childhoods or traumatic experiences. The pervasive lack of understanding can make identifying the flashbacks, severe anxiety, insomnia or nightmares, loss of interest in activities, social isolation, irritability, and anger associated with PTSD difficult. PTSD can affect overall brain function and can make sustaining a relationship or job infeasible.


If you have experienced a deep trauma, moving forward might seem to be an impossibility. Merely looking for help, as you are doing today, and admitting that trauma has affected you, is the first step toward healing. 


If you would like to learn more about how PTSD from unresolved childhood trauma can be triggered by becoming a parent, please check out my TEDx

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