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Abigail Makepeace is the founder of Makepeace Therapy and a licensed therapist in California and Texas. Makepeace Therapy’s mission is that people experience being seen and have agency in their lives. Abigail is a writer, speaker, and thought leader on the impact trauma has on relationships and life development. Her TEDx presentation on Parental PTSD brought attention to the role Post Traumatic Stress Disorder plays in parenting for survivors of childhood abuse. She is a recurring contributor to the Huff Post and can be heard as a guest therapist on shows such as, "Rize Up!" on Dash Radio. 


She works with clients online, throughout CA and TX, and in person at her office in Austin. 


Abigail is a renowned presenter and is available for Keynote Presentations, Workshops, and Panels. Check out her TEDx 




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