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Adolescence is not easy.  


Navigating life as an adolescent is more difficult than ever before. As our world grows faster, teens struggle to balance a world over-saturated with drug culture, sexuality, and social media pressures. On top of this, family dynamics, gender norms, bullying, academics, peer pressure, and a search for identity can be incredibly tough to balance. Moreover, for a parent of a teen, it can be virtually impossible to communicate concern in a way that does not put their child on the defensive. This can hinder your teen's ability to effectively and honestly communicate their own feelings.


Adolescent therapy is different from traditional therapy, in that it occasionally requires a parent or guardian to attend, in hopes of ascertaining how to better serve the issues that may face their teen, and how to engender better communication between the adolescent and their parent/ guardian. Addressing issues with the help of a counselor allows all parties to interact in a neutral space, which permits the teen and their parents to speak more openly, honestly, and effectively about the issues in question.

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